Friday, December 3, 2010

MS Pamudji dies

Camille Grammer - Comic artists, cartoonists, and cultural, MS Pamudji gone. Men are also known by the name Jokerot (initials in every work of cartoons) or Isamu Otsuka (since deceased father mulatto Japanese - Javanese mother) died Sunday (14/11) night at around 11:00 pm in the Hospital Ambarawa. Amarhum buried this afternoon at around 14:00 pm in the village cemetery Garung RT 05 RW VI, Ngampin, Ambarawa.

Alamrhum survived by his wife, Naryati, and two children, Educate Ermawan Eka (24), and Point Dwi Ermawati (20). According to the point that in the cartoon world is known by the name of Fujiko Ohtsuka, the deceased had long sakitsakitan. "Since before the fasting month ago health of the deceased has been dropped," he said. According Darminto M Sudarmo, writer and cartoonist of Semarang, the man nicknamed Mbah Ji is the active lately come together cartoonists.

Even since the late 2007's with child and adolescent Ambarawa establish Keramba (Cartoonist Group Ambarawa). "Keramba also enliven Cartoon Museum's inauguration in Bali. Even with the remaining physical after serious surgery, Pamudji looked happy over the procession," said Darminto. As a comic artist, best known Pamudji work titled "South Sea Storm" which is the interpretation of works of Kho Ping Hoo. This work proves the uniqueness of a highly controversial Pamudji.

According Darminto, supposedly deceased high school diploma disobeknya directly to bits of paper that has no value. "The late saying that he wanted to try to prove that skill or expertise that could sustain life, not a diploma," said Darminto. In the era of the 1980s, the deceased had time to stick with community theater in Hyderabad who was excited by the institution KGTS (Coordination Group Theatre Semarang).

"Pamudji is a prominent figure theater critic. Through the writings and opinions are expressed directly is often a criticism that is constructive for the development of a theater group in Hyderabad," said Maston, head of Theatre Circle Hyderabad. For Theatre Circle itself, plus Maston, the late much to contribute his thoughts to the existence of Circle Theatre.

"Deceased was an artist who diligently and very simple. He is also a unique artist because art often makes a breakthrough in terms of appearance and also in the script," said Maston. andri TM, an artist who once familiar with the deceased told, Pamudji is the figure most disciplined artist. "He is an artist who always claim to be the healthiest. Even when he was sick and still tell you that himself healthy," said Handri.

Meanwhile, according to Hadi Paryono, Chief Editor and General Leader Magazine Legality, late last join as a member of the editorial and article writer since 2000. "Since the condition drop about 3-4 months ago the deceased requested off," he said. Goodbye Grandma Ji!